Blog and Website Contest Winners!

I’ve had such fun with the most recent blog contest answers – thank you all for sharing stories of the many and various prizes you have won. Special kudos to Maxine for her knot-tying prize, but the winner is Jennifer L for her prize awarded for care of a sheep. Congratulations, Jennifer! The Word Wench RITA books are on their way to you.

It’s also time to draw my most recent website contest, with a prize of a copy of Lord of Scandal. And the winner is… June! Congratulations, June, and thank you very much to everyone who entered. There is a new contest on the website now. Check it out here! And call back on the blog tomorrow to read about Giraffomania. Yes, I kid you not, this is like the madness of the Tulipomania that swept Holland in the 17th century only this was France and a passion for giraffes! See you on the blog!


  1. Jennifer, please could you email me a ncornick at just to confirm your address, please? I’d hate to send the parcel to the wrong place. Thanks!

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