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Montrose Cakes

I have no idea whether the classic Scottish recipe for Montrose cakes has any connection to James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose, chief of the Clan Graham and one of the great Royalist soldiers of the Civil War. I rather like the idea of him doing a King Alfred, on the run from his enemies … Continue reading Montrose Cakes

A Wee Cake!

In my husband’s Scots family the tradition of afternoon tea is a well-established one and often comes with the offer of a piece of wee cake. It’s an offer I can seldom refuse. And as I’m sitting here drinking my morning tea and thinking about food, I thought that today’s Scottish-themed blog piece could be … Continue reading A Wee Cake!

A Recipe for St George’s Day

Happy St George’s Day! Today is the celebration of England’s patron saint. It’s also Shakespeare’s birthday so it’s a very patriotic day. To celebrate I am making a 19th century pudding recipe, courtesy of the National Trust. This is called Rhubarb and Orange Betty. The original recipe, Brown Betty, was made with apples, breadcrumbs and … Continue reading A Recipe for St George’s Day

A Slice of Potato History!

Did you know that Marie Antoinette once wore a headdress woven with potato flowers for a ball? Never mind let them eat cake, let them wear potatoes! Today at the Word Wenches blog I am talking about the history of the potato and how the upper class Brits and French scorned it whilst the Americans … Continue reading A Slice of Potato History!

Prizes and Puddings!

Happy Monday! First up, I’d like to congratulate Quilt Lady, who has won a backlist book for commenting on my weekend blog post! Quilt Lady, please get in touch at ncornick(at) and let me know which book you would like! Meanwhile I’m still looking for Bobby and HJ and Jennifer L to get in touch … Continue reading Prizes and Puddings!

Elizabethan Honey Cake

As it’s Friday and everyone deserves a treat, I’m posting up a 16th century recipe for the most delicious Elizabethan Honey Cake. I first came across this at the National Trust house Moseley Old Hall, where it is served in the tearoom. Enjoy! Ingredients: 6oz butter or margarine, 6oz caster sugar, 60z self-raising flour, 1 … Continue reading Elizabethan Honey Cake