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Seductive Villains!

Over on the Word Wenches I am blogging about seductive villains! The publication of ONE NIGHT WITH THE LAIRD this week not only means that Jack and Mairi’s story is out there in the US shops (hooray!) but also that the villainous Wilfred Cardross has been unleashed to cause more mayhem.  (Boo!) I love writing … Continue reading Seductive Villains!

Every House tells a Story

It’s been a busy few weeks here. First I have been trying to make progress with Claimed by the Laird, book 3 in the Scottish Brides series, which is out next summer. The final book in the trilogy, Claimed by the Laird is Christina and Lucas’s story and I’m having a lot of fun writing … Continue reading Every House tells a Story

The Wild West!

This is Torridon, one of my favourite parts of Scotland. It’s an area in the North West Highlands with the most stunning scenery imaginable, mountains like fortresses and beautiful sandy beaches, ruined castles and glens full of the purple and gold of heather and bracken. I’ve been visiting Torridon for many years and it features … Continue reading The Wild West!


Many congratulations to Arizona, who wins the contest for a book from the lovely Anna Campbell! Thank you to everyone who commented on the interview. It was a huge thrill to have Anna as a guest here and your comments made it a lot of fun. Belated congratulations as well to Lisa, who wins the … Continue reading Congratulations!

The Rush to the Border!

Elopement. It’s a major theme in Georgian and Regency romances. Like many people, I spent my teens reading the romances of Georgette Heyer and a number of my favourite stories had an elopement theme. These days the runaway match made at Gretna Green still frequently crops up. The tradition of English couples heading to Gretna … Continue reading The Rush to the Border!

The Lady and the Laird Mystery Cover!

 I was completely intrigued when a reader told me that this amazing cover for The Lady and the Laird had appeared on Goodreads. Everyone who has seen it is fanning themselves with large rhubarb leaves in an effort to cool down! I think it’s totally brilliant and it has certainly brightened up my Monday morning. … Continue reading The Lady and the Laird Mystery Cover!

Shana Galen at the Word Wenches!

Today I have fabulous author Shana Galen as my guest on the Word Wench blog, where you can read all about the fascinating historical background to her new novella, The Spy Wore Blue. There is also a copy of Lord and Lady Spy as a prize for commenters on the blog! Meanwhile over at the … Continue reading Shana Galen at the Word Wenches!