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Applecross, Scotland, 1802

“My name is Catriona Balfour and this is the story of my adventures…”

When her father dies, Catriona Balfour finds a family she did not know she had and an inheritance she did not know existed. But the welcome waiting for her at Glen Clair in the West Highlands is far from warm. Why does her Uncle Ebeneezer hate and fear her? What family secrets is he hiding? And is Neil Sinclair, the handsome naval officer who escorts her to her new home, an honourable gentleman or an unscrupulous smuggler and rogue? When Catriona is kidnapped only Neil can save her and only she can save him…

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Published in the US by Harlequin Historicals as “Kidnapped: His Innocent Mistress” in March 2009 and by M&B Single Titles in the UK as “Kidnapped” in October 2009.

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The Unmasking of Lady LovelessThe Unmasking of Lady Loveless
(a novella)

All of London is buzzing about The Adventures of a Woman of Pleasure by Lady Loveless, a book of barely disguised accounts of the ton’s sexual escapades.

Reputations have been ruined and society is scandalized, but no one is more shocked than Lord Alexander Beaumont when he learns that the mysterious Lady Loveless is none other than his estranged wife! He remembers Melicent as a shy, innocent young woman and is determined to find out where she’s been getting her information — and who has turned his inexperienced bride into a brazen author of erotic literature.

There’s only one solution: Alex will seduce his errant wife and learn all her wanton secrets…

Published as an e-book short story in 2008. Reprinted in the print anthology Together by Christmas in the US in 2009, and in Wicked Regency Nights in the UK in 2010.

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The Last Rake in LondonThe Last Rake in London

Sally Bowes is a scandalous figure in Edwardian London. The owner of the outrageously fashionable night club, The Blue Parrot, Sally guards her business and her heart well. But when she meets Jack Kestrel, both come under threat…

Jack Kestrel is known as the last rake in London. Descended from the ancestral line of the devastatingly attractive Dukes of Kestrel, Jack is dangerous and dissolute and irresistible. When Jack and Sally start a passionate affair, neither of them think that the last rake in London might finally lose his heart.

Written especially to celebrate the Mills & Boon Centenary of 2008 and published in the UK in May 2008 and in the US in June 2008. It is linked to the Bluestocking Brides Trilogy.

The Last Rake in London

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Lord of ScandalLord of Scandal

An outrageous Regency tale of passion, seduction and celebrity!

Men that your father warned you about…

“He was no good for any woman. As soon as he had met her he was planning how to leave her…”

Ben Hawksmoor is dangerous to know, a celebrity in the Regency firmament, a friend of Prinny, the lover of the most notorious courtesan in London and an all round scoundrel whose only aim in life is to make money and make sure he never returns to the gutters from which he came.

Catherine Fenton is an heiress, a nabob’s daughter whose only aim is to keep her unhappy family together and save her stepmother from disgrace.

When Ben and Catherine meet the sensual attraction between them is explosive. But when Ben compromises Catherine’s reputation and thinks to force her into marriage he discovers that the nabob’s daughter – and her fortune – are not going to fall into his arms without a fight.

Can a man
who has always believed that everything has a price…
who wantonly seduces a debutante for revenge…
who will never risk his heart…

…ever find true love? And does he deserve the one woman who can show him that some things in life are worth more than mere money?

Published by HQN Books in the US in June 2007 and by M&B Single Titles in August 2008.

Finalist for the RWA RITA Award 2008 for Best Regency Historical.

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The Pirate's KissThe Pirate’s Kiss
(a novella)

Daniel De Lancey is a privateer – beyond the law and beyond love. He risks his life secretly in the service of his country but when he meets his childhood sweetheart again, he cannot risk his heart. Lucinda Melville bitterly regrets the youthful passion she shared with Daniel and has sworn never to fall into his arms again. But when she meets the dashing pirate again it seems that the love they shared has never died. Can the joy of Christmas bring Daniel and Lucinda together at last?

Published in an anthology in the US in Christmas Wedding Belles in October 2007 and in the UK in Regency Christmas Weddings in October 2008. It is linked to the Bluestocking Brides Trilogy.

Winner of the Cataromance Reviewers Choice Award 2007.

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“Rumour has it that a certain notorious Princess has not a feather to fly and is looking for a gentleman to ease her financial worries. Perhaps the Earl of S. is the man she seeks…”

The Gentlemen’s Mercury, 1816

Princess Isabella di Cassilis urgently needs a husband – and she is seeking him in the Fleet Prison! Anxious to find a man who owes so much money that she can persuade him to take on her own debts as well, Princess Isabella goes to The Fleet to search for a prisoner she can bribe into matrimony. There she finds Marcus, Earl of Stockhaven, the man she jilted twelve years before.

When Marcus offers to help her she is too desperate to question his motives. But does Marcus have her best interests at heart – or does he want revenge, and the wedding night they never had?

Published by HQN Books in the US in July 2006 and by M&B Single Titles in the UK in 2007.

Winner of the Single Titles Reviewers Choice Award, finalist for the UK Pure Passion Awards 2008, the Elizabeth Goudge Trophy, the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award and the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence.

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Lord Greville's CaptiveLord Greville’s Captive

In 1641 the village of Grafton in Oxfordshire is celebrating the betrothal of the Earl’s daughter, Anne, to Simon Greville.

Four years later Anne Grafton and Simon Greville are on opposing sides in a violent civil war and Simon has come to Grafton Manor as conqueror. When Anne refuses to yield her manor and her allegiance to him he swears to hold her prisoner until she submits to his will. Can Anne resist when Simon can undermine her resolve with a single touch? And can the desire that flares between them ever grow in to love when they hold opposing loyalties and each swears to fight to the death for what they believe in?

Published by Harlequin Mills and Boon in July 2006 and Harlequin Historicals in December 2006.

Finalist in the Romantic Novelists Association Romance Prize 2007 and in the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence 2007. Virginia Write Touch Contest 2nd Place.

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The Season for SuitorsThe Season for Suitors
(a novella)

After some close encounters with rakes in which she was nearly compromised, heiress Clara Davenport realizes that she needs some expert advice. And who better for the job than Sebastian Fleet, the most notorious rake in town? But the tutelage doesn’t go quite as planned, as both Sebastian and Clara find it difficult to remain objective when it comes to lessons of the heart!

Published by Harlequin in Christmas Keepsakes in October 2005. Reprinted in the anthology The Heart of Christmas in October 2009 in the US and October 2010 in the UK.

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The Rake's MistressThe Rake’s Mistress

Lord Lucas Kestrel has sworn never to marry yet he cannot cure himself of a troublesome attraction to Miss Rebecca Raleigh, a glass engraver with her own studio and a decidedly prickly attitude to devastatingly attractive rakes!

But Rebecca has several secrets and the path of true love will not run smooth on the way to the third Midwinter wedding…

Published in December 2004 in the UK and September 2005 in the US. It was reprinted in the UK in July 2008.

Winner Best Historical Lories Contest 2005 and winner of the Cataromance Reviewers Choice Award 2005.

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One Night of ScandalOne Night of Scandal

Widowed Mrs. Deborah Stratton needs to find a gentleman to act as her betrothed in order to foil the plans of her matchmaking parents. The last person she would voluntarily choose is Lord Richard Kestrel, who is too arrogant, too attractive and simply not biddable enough to fulfil the part. So she decides to advertise for an obedient gentleman to pretend to be her betrothed…

Yet when Deb looks around for a lover to show her what was missing from her unhappy marriage, it would seem that for that particular purpose, Richard would be the perfect choice…

Published in October 2004 in the UK and in August 2005 in the US. It was reprinted in the UK in the Regency Lords and Ladies Series in July 2008.

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The Notorious LordThe Notorious Lord

Miss Rachel Odell and Cory, Lord Newlyn, are childhood friends but when Cory comes to Midwinter Royal to assist Rachel’s antiquarian parents in the excavation of the famous burial site, they find their feelings for each other have changed.

Rachel and Cory want different things in life. Rachel detests the travelling that has always been a part of her parents’ profession. To Cory the quest for adventure is as necessary as breathing. But now Cory has another pursuit on his mind… How can he make Rachel see that they could be so much more than just good friends?

Published in August 2004 in the UK and in July 2005 in the US. It was reprinted in the UK in a 2-in-1 volume with The Last Rake in London in May 2008.

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The Fortune HunterThe Fortune Hunter
(a novella)

Major Anthony Lyndhurst is looking to appoint his heir and also to find a husband for his troublesome cousin Cassie Ward. Meanwhile, a mysterious Abigail has a secret quest of her own that brings romance and danger. And Anthony himself finds his search for an heir taking a most unexpected and passionate turn…

Published in the UK in December 2004 and in the US in November 2005.

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The Penniless BrideThe Penniless Bride

A Regency Fairy Tale!

Robert, Earl of Selborne
, has a problem – relatives who did not consult each other before writing their wills!

The last will and testament of the late Earl of Selborne:

“My son is to choose a bride from amongst the young ladies present at the marriage of his cousin, Miss Anne Selborne, and is to marry one of them within four weeks of the wedding… Otherwise all unentailed properties and monies relating to the estate of Delaval will pass to my nephew…”

The last will and testament of the late Dowager Countess of Selborne:

“In order to prove himself worthy of his inheritance, I require that my grandson, Robert Selborne, demonstrate the same temperance in his private life as I shall expect him to do with his fortune… I am setting a condition of celibacy for one hundred days from the reading of this will…”

When Rob meets Jemima Jewell, the spirited daughter of a Master Sweep, he has the idea of making a marriage of convenience to meet the needs of both wills. Jemima has many talents – she can sweep a chimney, climb tall trees and speak the argot, but can she succeed as the wife of a peer? And can she meet the greatest challenge of all – that of making Rob love her?

Published in the UK in November 2003 and in the US in 2004 and was reissued in 2007 as Regency Weddings in the Queens of Romance series!

Finalist in the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence 2004.

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Wayward WidowWayward Widow

Lady Juliana Myfleet is the Ton’s most notorious widow, a lady profligate in her gambling and with a reputation for taking and dismissing a whole legion of lovers. Unmarriageable, untameable, unforgiveable, she lives down to her reputation as the worst Lady Rakehell in town. It is therefore most disconcerting for Juliana to find that she has taken a tendre to a man of unimpeachable virtue and cannot seem to do anything to cure herself..

Published in July 2003 in the UK and in April 2004 in the USA.

Finalist for the RWA RITA Award 2004 for Best Short Historical.

Laurel Wreath Award of Excellence, 3rd Place.

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The Chaperon BrideThe Chaperon Bride

Annis Wycherley earns her living as a chaperone to the daughters of the Ton so when a handsome lord starts to take an interest in her rather than her charges she knows she cannot encourage his advances. Any breath of scandal will be the end of her reputation and her business.

Lord Adam Ashwick has no interest in the debutantes but he finds the widowed Lady Wycherley enchanting. Against a background of Regency elegance and rural poverty, Adam determines to make the chaperone his bride…

Published in April 2003 in the UK and in February 2004 in the USA.

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The Earl's PrizeThe Earl’s Prize

Winning the National Lottery – Regency Style!

Amy Bainbridge is the daughter of a baronet who ruined his family through his gambling. Now her brother is going the same way as his father, and Amy has sworn never to touch the cards herself. But there are other ways to gamble as well as in play…

When Amy finds a winning lottery ticket, her troubles are only just starting. Which of her brother’s ramshackle gambling cronies could be the real owner of the ticket? Is it:

The Duke of Fleet – handsome, charming and fabulously wealthy?

Sir Humphrey Dainty – a country squire out of his depth at the London card tables?

Mr Bertie Hallam – a childhood friend who has proposed to Amy every year for the last seven years?

Or is it Joss Tallant, the most hardened rake and gamester of them all, whom rumour has it does not have a heart to lose…

… Joss has no intention of marrying for love.

Amy has no intention of marrying a man who is just like her father.

So why are Joss and Amy so attracted to each other and what are they going to do about it?

Published in November 2002 in the UK and in December 2003 in the USA.

Finalist in the Romantic Novelists Association Romance Prize 2003 and the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Awards 2003. Laurel Wreath Award of Excellence 3rd Place.

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The Rake's BrideThe Rake’s Bride
(a novella)

The Rake’s Bride – In which Jack Merlin, a rake who believes that even virtue has its price, meets Miss Theodosia Shaw, who is hunting a fortune…

When Jack Merlin is called upon to extract his cousin Bertie from an undesirable match to a scheming older woman, he finds himself intrigued. Not only does Miss Thea Shaw bolt at the altar but she has five younger siblings to care for and has no time for Jack and his rakish tendencies. Yet when they are thrown together Jack finds himself reforming against his will and Thea feels her prejudices slipping…

Published in the anthology Regency Brides in the UK in October 2002 and in the anthology The Love Match in the US also in 2002.

Regency BridesRegency Weddings

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The Notorious MarriageThe Notorious Marriage

Just when it seems that Marcus and Beth are about to lay the centuries-old Mostyn and Trevithick feud to rest, their relatives are busy causing a scandal of their own!

Marry in haste… Debutante Miss Eleanor Trevithick‘s elopement with Kit, Lord Mostyn, is enough to have the gossips in an uproar. Then it is heard that her new husband has disappeared a day after the wedding…and their marriage becomes the most notorious in town!

Repent at leisure… Kit returns five long months later, not at liberty to explain the secret assignment that had forced his departure. He is determined to win back his bride’s affections. Eleanor cannot deny that she is still in love with her husband, but she cannot forgive him his desertion and she also has a heart-breaking secret that she has sworn never to tell him…

Published in May 2002 in the UK and in August 2003 in the USA. It was reprinted in the UK in A Regency Scandal in October 2005.

The Notorious MarriageA Regency Scandal

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Lady Allerton's WagerLady Allerton’s Wager

An Eternal Triangle – An Earl, a Lady…and Island!

When Marcus, Earl of Trevithick, is challenged to a wager by a beautiful cyprian, he can see no reason why she would set his property Fairhaven Island as the stake. As far as he is concerned, Fairhaven is a lump of rock which supports nothing but a few villagers and a flock of sheep…

Beth, Lady Allerton, is no cyprian, but she is passionately attached to Fairhaven Island, lost by her grandfather through Trevithick treachery two generations before. For centuries Beth and Marcus’ families have been at each others’ throats. Is it possible that the handsome Earl and the lovely Lady Allerton can end the feud? And when it comes to the choice, which does Beth Allerton love more – the Earl of Trevithick or her beloved island?

Published in December 2001 in the UK as part of the Christmas Special Collection with books by Kim Lawrence and Betty Neels. It was published in April 2003 in the USA and reprinted in the UK in A Regency Scandal, October 2005.

Lady Allerton's WagerA Regency Scandal

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An Unlikely SuitorAn Unlikely Suitor

Lavender Brabant is a bluestocking who finds herself drawn irresistibly to Barnabas Hammond, the adopted son of the draper in Abbot’s Quincey. Lavender is an heiress and the daughter of an Admiral. Barnabas is an enigma – his parentage is shrouded in a scandalous mystery and he is far below her on the social scale. How can Lavender follow her heart and find true happiness with her unlikely suitor?

Published in the UK in 2002 and direct only in the US in 2002. It was reprinted in the UK in 2007.

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A Companion of QualityA Companion of Quality

Miss Caroline Whiston has come down in the world. The daughter of a spendthrift baronet, she now has to earn a living as a governess companion. Then her old friend Julia Chessford invites Caroline to come to work for her at Hewly Manor, near Steepwood, the home of her guardian Admiral Brabant, who is dangerously ill. Caroline’s arrival co-incides with the return of the Admiral’s son Lewis, a sea captain reluctantly returned home to take up his inheritance. As Caroline is drawn into the lives and intrigues of the Abbey villages, the scheming Julia spins a web to catch Lewis. But how long can Caroline stay at Hewly when she is so deeply attracted to Lewis herself?

Published in the UK in August 2001 and in the USA direct in September 2002. It was reprinted in the UK in 2007.

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The Blanchland SecretThe Blanchland Secret

Miss Sarah Sheridan lives a quiet life in Bath as companion to her cousin. Then two events upset her calm existence. The first is the delivery of a mysterious letter from her deceased brother, hinting at a mystery only Sarah can solve. The second is the arrival in Bath of Guy, Viscount Renshaw. Guy is the son of Sarah’s godfather and has a shocking reputation as a rake. And when he sets his sights on Sarah the sparks of attraction fly… But does Guy have another interest in Sarah apart from the romantic? Is he also interested in the secret that Blanchland Hall is hiding?

Order it in the Regency Christmas Vows Anthology:

Published in December 2000 in the UK and October 2002 in the USA. This one is a stand alone book!

The Blanchland Secret The Blanchland Secret
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Miss Verey's ProposalMiss Verey’s Proposal

Jane Verey and her friend Sophia are fifteen when they discover the Legend of the Eve of St Agnes and go to bed without their supper, convinced that if they do so they will dream of their future husbands. Sure enough, that night Jane sees an enigmatic stranger…

Four years later, a marriage is arranged for Jane with Lord Philip Delahaye. But Jane is determined she will not marry Lord Philip. Not only is he rude, insulting and a drunkard but he is not the man she saw that night four years ago…

Alex, Duke of Delahaye, is the man Jane saw that night but he has arranged the match with Jane on behalf of his brother and is determined that it will go ahead. Yet every time he sets eyes on Miss Jane Verey, Alex finds he wants her for himself…

Published in the UK in May 2000 and in the US in April 2002. It was reissued in the UK as part of the Regency Lords and Ladies Collection in January 2009.

The Regency Lords and Ladies

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Lady PollyLady Polly

Even as Lady Polly rejected another proposal of marriage, her heart burned for the man she’d rejected five years ago. She’d heard that in his misery, her beloved Lord Henry Marchnight had become a rogue and a gambler. But when he appeared before her on a deserted terrace and stole a kiss, Polly knew that her passion hadn’t died. The man still knew how to steal her reason with one touch. But reason she needed as suspicions of criminal behavior hovered about Lord Henry. Should she return to her routine of spurning suitors? Or should she do what she should have done five years ago–trust her love and follow her heart?

Published in September 1999 in the UK and in August 2001 in the USA. Reprinted in the UK in Regency Rakes in 2003.

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The Virtuous CyprianThe Virtuous Cyprian

After the excitement of war, Nicholas found life as a civilian stifling. His boredom soon lifted when the notorious courtesan Susanna Kellaway claimed a lease on one of his houses. No sooner did they meet than Nicholas became truly puzzled. Though Nicholas had every cause to dislike her, this “Susanna” was an odd mix of seductive manners, intelligence, and…innocence! So much so that he was beginning to wonder if the woman wasn’t an impostor! Which didn’t stop him from asking her to be his mistress. But the lovely lady had a more permanent idea in mind for the dashing earl….

Published in June 1998 in the UK and April 2001 in the USA. Reprinted in the UK as part of the Regency Rakes series December 2002.

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The Larkswood LegacyThe Larkswood Legacy

Despite her unhappy first marriage, the widowed Mrs. Annabella St. Auby found herself hugely drawn to Sir William Weston, and he in his turn made his interest in her very clear. But then Annabella found that her sole inheritance, Larkswood, was of prime importance to Sir William and she began to wonder if his pursuit of her was for herself… or her legacy.

Published April 1999 in the UK and June 2001 in the USA. Reprinted in the UK in 2005 in The Regency Lords and Ladies Collection.

The Larkswood LegacyThe Regency Lords and Ladies

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True ColoursTrue Colours

They shared a past… The first person that the Marquis of Mullineaux meets upon his return to England is the very last person that he wants to see – Lady Carberry, the woman who scandalised the Ton by breaking off their engagement. She is just as displeased to meet the man who sacrificed her reputation to save his pride… Thrown together by circumstance, Alicia and James find themselves constantly at war with one another, but James is determined to discover the truth about their past…

Published in May 1998 in the UK and March 2001 in the USA and was reprinted in the Regency Lords and Ladies Collection in the UK.

The Regency Lords and Ladies

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