Lady Allerton’s Wager

An Eternal Triangle – An Earl, a Lady…and Island!

When Marcus, Earl of Trevithick, is challenged to a wager by a beautiful cyprian, he can see no reason why she would set his property Fairhaven Island as the stake. As far as he is concerned, Fairhaven is a lump of rock which supports nothing but a few villagers and a flock of sheep…

Lady Allerton's WagerBeth, Lady Allerton, is no cyprian, but she is passionately attached to Fairhaven Island, lost by her grandfather through Trevithick treachery two generations before. For centuries Beth and Marcus’ families have been at each others’ throats. Is it possible that the handsome Earl and the lovely Lady Allerton can end the feud? And when it comes to the choice, which does Beth Allerton love more – the Earl of Trevithick or her beloved island?

A Regency ScandalPublished in December 2001 in the UK as part of the Christmas Special Collection with books by Kim Lawrence and Betty Neels. It was published in April 2003 in the USA and reprinted in the UK in A Regency Scandal, October 2005.


Lady Allerton’s Wager

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UK Edition

December 4, 2001 · Harlequin · ISBN 13: 978-0733549748 · ISBN 10: 0733549748

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