The Blanchland Secret

Miss Sarah Sheridan lives a quiet life in Bath as companion to her cousin. Then two events upset her calm existence. The first is the delivery of a mysterious letter from her deceased brother, hinting at a mystery only Sarah can solve. The second is the arrival in Bath of Guy, Viscount Renshaw. Guy is the son of Sarah’s godfather and has a shocking reputation as a rake. And when he sets his sights on Sarah the sparks of attraction fly… But does Guy have another interest in Sarah apart from the romantic? Is he also interested in the secret that Blanchland Hall is hiding?

Published in December 2000 in the UK and October 2002 in the USA. This one is a stand alone book!

The Blanchland Secret The Blanchland Secret

The Blanchland Secret

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December 1, 2000 · Harlequin · ISBN 13: 978-0263250978 · ISBN 10: 0263250970