The Virtuous Cyprian

After the excitement of war, Nicholas found life as a civilian stifling. His boredom soon lifted when the notorious courtesan Susanna Kellaway claimed a lease on one of his houses. No sooner did they meet than Nicholas became truly puzzled. Though Nicholas had every cause to dislike her, this “Susanna” was an odd mix of seductive manners, intelligence, and…innocence! So much so that he was beginning to wonder if the woman wasn’t an impostor! Which didn’t stop him from asking her to be his mistress. But the lovely lady had a more permanent idea in mind for the dashing earl….

Published in June 1998 in the UK and April 2001 in the USA. Reprinted in the UK as part of the Regency Rakes series December 2002.


The Virtuous Cyprian

is available in the following formats:
North American Edition


UK Edition

June 5, 1998 · Harlequin · ISBN 13: 978-0263810752 · ISBN 10: 0263810755

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