The Earl’s Prize

Winning the National Lottery – Regency Style!

Amy Bainbridge is the daughter of a baronet who ruined his family through his gambling. Now her brother is going the same way as his father, and Amy has sworn never to touch the cards herself. But there are other ways to gamble as well as in play…

When Amy finds a winning lottery ticket, her troubles are only just starting. Which of her brother’s ramshackle gambling cronies could be the real owner of the ticket? Is it:

The Duke of Fleet – handsome, charming and fabulously wealthy?

Sir Humphrey Dainty – a country squire out of his depth at the London card tables?

Mr Bertie Hallam – a childhood friend who has proposed to Amy every year for the last seven years?

Or is it Joss Tallant, the most hardened rake and gamester of them all, whom rumour has it does not have a heart to lose…

… Joss has no intention of marrying for love.

Amy has no intention of marrying a man who is just like her father.

So why are Joss and Amy so attracted to each other and what are they going to do about it?

Published in November 2002 in the UK and in December 2003 in the USA.

Finalist in the Romantic Novelists Association Romance Prize 2003 and the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Awards 2003. Laurel Wreath Award of Excellence 3rd Place.


The Earl’s Prize

is available in the following formats:
North American Edition


UK Edition

November 1, 2002 · Harlequin · ISBN 13: 978-0263831443 ·

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