The Larkswood Legacy

DThe Larkswood Legacyespite her unhappy first marriage, the widowed Mrs. Annabella St. Auby found herself hugely drawn to Sir William Weston, and he in his turn made his interest in her very clear. But then Annabella found that her sole inheritance, Larkswood, was of prime importance to Sir William and she began to wonder if his pursuit of her was for herself… or her legacy.

The Regency Lords and LadiesPublished April 1999 in the UK and June 2001 in the USA. Reprinted in the UK in 2005 in The Regency Lords and Ladies Collection.


The Larkswood Legacy

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North American Edition


July 1, 2005 · Harlequin · ISBN 13: 978-0263845709 · ISBN 10: 0263845702

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