The Notorious Marriage

Just when it seems that Marcus and Beth are about to lay the centuries-old Mostyn and Trevithick feud to rest, their relatives are busy causing a scandal of their own!

Marry in haste… Debutante Miss Eleanor Trevithick‘s elopement with Kit, Lord Mostyn, is enough to have the gossips in an uproar. Then it is heard that her new husband has disappeared a day after the wedding…and their marriage becomes the most notorious in town!

Repent at leisure… Kit returns five long months later, not at liberty to explain the secret assignment that had forced his departure. He is determined to win back his bride’s affections. Eleanor cannot deny that she is still in love with her husband, but she cannot forgive him his desertion and she also has a heart-breaking secret that she has sworn never to tell him…

Published in May 2002 in the UK and in August 2003 in the USA. It was reprinted in the UK in A Regency Scandal in October 2005.

The Notorious MarriageA Regency Scandal


The Notorious Marriage

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UK Edition

January 2, 2001 · Harlequin · ISBN 13: 978-0263831207 · ISBN 10: 0263831205

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