The Penniless Bride

A Regency Fairy Tale!

Robert, Earl of Selborne
, has a problem – relatives who did not consult each other before writing their wills!

The last will and testament of the late Earl of Selborne:

“My son is to choose a bride from amongst the young ladies present at the marriage of his cousin, Miss Anne Selborne, and is to marry one of them within four weeks of the wedding… Otherwise all unentailed properties and monies relating to the estate of Delaval will pass to my nephew…”

The last will and testament of the late Dowager Countess of Selborne:

“In order to prove himself worthy of his inheritance, I require that my grandson, Robert Selborne, demonstrate the same temperance in his private life as I shall expect him to do with his fortune… I am setting a condition of celibacy for one hundred days from the reading of this will…”

When Rob meets Jemima Jewell, the spirited daughter of a Master Sweep, he has the idea of making a marriage of convenience to meet the needs of both wills. Jemima has many talents – she can sweep a chimney, climb tall trees and speak the argot, but can she succeed as the wife of a peer? And can she meet the greatest challenge of all – that of making Rob love her?

Published in the UK in November 2003 and in the US in 2004 and was reissued in 2007 as Regency Weddings in the Queens of Romance series!

Finalist in the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence 2004.


The Penniless Bride

is available in the following formats:
North American Edition


November 15, 2004 · Harlequin ·