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A gorgeous Scottish view © Nicola Cornick
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The Scottish Brides

Urquhart Castle
Urquhart Castle © Robin Drayton
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The Scottish Brides

The Scottish Brides Series

It is 1812 and in the wild highlands of Scotland, romance, intrigue and passion abound. The MacMorlan and Methven families are traditional enemies, driven apart by hundreds of years of feuding. Although in these civilised Regency times such clan warfare is gone forever, old enmities linger. But when Robert Methven and Lucy MacMorlan meet beneath a summer moon perhaps it is time to make love not war…

Map of Scotland
Places featured in the Scottish Brides series, a map designed by Andrew Cornick. Click to view much larger!

Reading Order:

Book One: The Lady and the Laird
Book Two: One Night with the Laird
Book Three: Claimed by the Laird

The Characters:

Meet the MacMorlan sisters and their highland heroes!

After years in exile in Canada, Robert, Marquis of Methven, has come home to take up his Scottish estates. Loyal, resourceful and determined, Robert will let nothing and no one come between him and his duty to his people.  But Robert is in urgent need of a wife and an heir if he is to thwart the designs that Wilfred Earl of Cardross has on his inheritance…

Lady Lucy MacMorlan is the youngest daughter of the Duke of Forres and the only woman who can help Robert secure his patrimony. A beauty, a wit and a member of the Highland Ladies Bluestocking Society, Lucy has sworn never to marry. Can Robert persuade her to change her mind?

Jack Rutherford is the younger son of a younger son of a lord, a self-made man who has carved out a fortune for himself working with his cousin Robert Methven. Jack is as ruthless in love as he is in business, a rake with no interest in commitment. Yet one night of passion with Lady Mairi MacLeod leaves him wanting a great deal more…

Lady Mairi, the middle daughter of the Duke of Forres, is a widow whose marriage was very far from happy. After one night with Jack Rutherford she vows to have no more to do with him. But when scandal threatens and Jack is the only man who can help her, Mairi starts to discover that there is more to this rakish laird than she had imagined.

Lady Christina MacMorlan, the Duke’s eldest daughter, has sacrificed any hope of love and marriage in order to bring up her younger siblings after the death of their mother. Now firmly on the shelf at three and thirty, she has plans only to chaperon her niece Rose during the Edinburgh Season. Then Lucas Black comes to Kilmory Castle and Christina’s life is thrown into chaos.

Lucas is the son of a Russian Princess and a Scottish lord but when he comes to Kilmory it is as a government agent intent on uncovering which member of the MacMorlan family is involved with the local whisky smuggling ring. Disguised as a humble gardener, Lucas sets out to seduce all of Christina’s secrets from her…

The Scottish Brides � where Regency elegance meets Highland passion!

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