True Colours

They shared a past… The first person that the Marquis of Mullineaux meets upon his return to England is the very last person that he wants to see – Lady Carberry, the woman who scandalised the Ton by breaking off their engagement. She is just as displeased to meet the man who sacrificed her reputation to save his pride… Thrown together by circumstance, Alicia and James find themselves constantly at war with one another, but James is determined to discover the truth about their past…

Published in May 1998 in the UK and March 2001 in the USA and was reprinted in the Regency Lords and Ladies Collection in the UK.

The Regency Lords and Ladies


True Colours

is available in the following formats:
North American Edition


May 8, 1998 · Harlequin · ISBN 13: 978-0263807875 · ISBN 10: 0263807878

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