October 17, 2017

House of Shadows

The wooded hills of Oxfordshire conceal the remains of the aptly named Ashdown House-a wasted pile of cinders and regret. Once home to the daughter of a king, Ashdown and its secrets will unite three women across four centuries in a tangle of romance, deceit and destiny… 


A queen 

Bound by sex and birth to live for everyone but herself-and to love always in secret-Elizabeth Stuart entrusts a pair of arcane artifacts to her faithful cavalier to keep safe for her rightful heir. But fate will not be generous to the Winter Queen, throwing the question of succession into turmoil, the aftermath of which will resonate through the generations.


A courtesan 

Lavinia Flyte wanted more from life than to be cruel Lord Evershot’s doxy. He has brought her to Ashdown, the home of his ancestors, for reasons he guards greedily. But the maids’ whispers of hidden treasures-a pearl with the power to foretell the future-consume her with a curiosity she confides only to her diary, unaware of a gathering menace.

And the mystery that binds them all 

With her brother missing at Ashdown Park, Holly Ansell is inexplicably drawn to the clues contained in the journal he’d found of a Regency courtesan who was living at the historic home when it burned to the ground two hundred years ago. Holly is lured by the tragedy at Ashdown, and her search will soon reveal the truth about Lavinia and compel her to confront the stunning revelation about the legacy of the Winter Queen.

Nicola is pleased to announce House of Shadow‘s North American release with Graydon House Publishing.

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